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Škola života

Škola života

Škola života - School of Life is a third year of discussion evenings for teachers, school administrators, parents and education enthusiasts. Our goal is not to educate, but to inspire through inviting senior professionals and their hands on experience, and to spread knowledge about non-traditional or new attitudes. At our meetings, we try to create a comfortable and open atmosphere, allowing our audience to influence the discussion intensively. 

Within the past 3 years, we were honored to host also recognized foreign guests. 

Phyllis Wallbank (UK) - Montessori educator, trained by and a personal friend of Dr. Maria Montessori

Pär Ahlbom (Swe) - founder and teacher of Intuitive pedagogy

Dieter Schwartz (Ger) - Intuitive pedagogy teacher and teacher trainer, student of P. Ahlbom

Eugene Schwartz (USA) - waldorf educator

Godi Keller (Nor) - waldorf educator

Oliver Conradt (Swi) - teacher of phenomenological astrology and projective geometry

Terry Boardman (UK) - anthroposophic historian

Patty Hannan (USA) - founder and lecturer of the PlayWisely method

Robert Wentworth (USA) - trainer of Non-violent communication

… and more


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