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About the Institute

About the Institute


“Duhovka Institute’s main goal is to provide continuing education to teachers, lecturers, employees, as well as parents and society. All of this while creating opportunities for the students to transform their thinking and grow as human beings. We are convinced that a human being greatly influences his or her surroundings by the way he or she lives, feels and thinks.“

Tomáš Janeček
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Duhovka Group


Located in Prague, Duhovka Institute is a part of Duhovka Group, which offers four levels of Montessori education.

Duhovka Preschool, Duhovka Elementary, and Duhovka High School unite with Duhovka Institute to provide quality Montessori education.

The Duhovka Montessori Teacher Education Program is the primary training program of Duhovka Institute.
The curriculum is based on the pedagogical approach and the principles discovered by Dr. Maria Montessori.

The AMS affiliated Early Childhood Program is designed for teachers of children in the preschool age range of 3-6 years.
The Elementary Program I. and Elementary Program I.-II.  are for teachers who work with children aged from 6 through 9 and 9 through 12.



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